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Believe In Me - text

Within these walls an impatient being
Engrossed too much
by self-destructive intentions
Hoping and wishing for a way out
This man needs to realise
he can only make it on his own
Build around his foundations
to make a house a home
Knowing that life comes with no guarantees
He'll cut back on his actions
And give the fools a man to believe
Believe in me
Yet another leaf will fall from my tree
Believe in me
I won't settle until I'm free
My roots hold me down
To the same old ways
Far too accustomed living life this way
These branches bleed
I'll plant new seeds
My tears into a soil
So new life can breathe
New life can breathe
Believe in me
You won't see bleeding crimson on my tree
Believe in me
I'll blossom through the canopy
Take to the skies
Don't look back
No need to decide
It's your time
Encourage your own design
Growing from my past mistakes
I'll blossom through the canopy
Rising up
I won't turn my back to the sun

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