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Bad Gal, Bad Man - text


(feat. Cecile)

[Cecile:] Sorry

[Elephant Man:] Sorry
You soon see bout sorry you hear, wait till i hold you
Rude bwoy how some a dem gal ya full a so much mouth,
and when man have dem ina dem house dem a bawl like baby ina di couch
[Cecile:] Stop yu noice, ca when we ina your bedroom we nuh stop mek you bawl out

[Cecile:] Bad Gal no care, we nuh scare, 2 foot ina di air,
To how it tight it a tear, but nuh fear we nuh show, ca wi love

[Elephant Man:]
Bad man no fear, wuk it anywhere, anaconda de ya so fi give yuh night mare,
Me you come a jeer, with foot ina di air, we wuk gal hard mek ligaments tear

[Verse 1:]
[Cecile:] Wukerman alone slam dis, an position dis,
Bad gal mi be and mi nuh fraid fi gi John dis,
Man fi can wuk cause a 2001 dis,
Elephant man buh badda tink yuh can dun dis

[Elephant Man:]
Cecile a nuh punk dis, bad man a nuh rumpis,
Tinksay you all dat bad come and jump dis,
Energy god aka mr lenghtis,
Don't tek mi fi no little prentice

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]
[Cecile:] Anaconda mi nuh fraid a
[Elephant Man:] When mi done you a go end up dung a medical centre
[Cecile:] Well Ele mi no cater, from a loving a gwaan mi one ya
[Elephant Man:] Mi have it tall and stiff
[Cecile:] Well mi love dat
[Elephant Man:] Yuh tink you can manage it
[Cecile:] Mi still done dat, underestimate me, so you quick fi date me
[Elephant Man:] When mi wuk it you a go fraid fi come back

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse 1]

[Repeat Chorus]

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