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Master of Deception - text

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Obsessed with dominance,
he crushes each person who innocently crosses his path.
His adrenalin thrives on a need to destroy basis.
His skill to deceive gains him vast wealth and fortune.
However any trace of his original character
or identity vanishes into oblivion.
No compromise, no words can make him see
He's elevated to a higher level
To feed a need, let the adrenalin flow
A warped sensation, deceit is blissful
Mystified by lies, demoralizing
No second glance, face to face
Thru' those naked eyes, captivating
He'll suck you dry, and leave no trace
Once inside your head, the captive mind his game
Manipulates his way, terrorizing
Secrets kept alive, subconscious thoughts awake
Watch him take control, hypnotizing
A master of, pure deception
His testimony that, that he's a freak of nature
(Repeat bridge & chorus)
Take a look into those eyes
And I can tell you what you'll see

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