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Through the Eyes of Regret - text

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I have found myself lost
Walking down these familiar streets,
Those strange faces stare blindly
I withdraw into my mind
In this solitude, it is sadness I find
In lament, I live a lie
I long to live, yet hope to die…
Eyes window the pain
Contained in me
Face masks the torment
You will never, ever see
Enclosed within these walls
They've muted all my cries
Trapped alone in darkness
I never felt alive
Then I briefly saw the light
A fools paradise
I felt the sun's warm rays
When you gave me back my life
But now that dusk i near
Lost again, I find
I'm back in those dark woods,
Although now I've seen the light
Although it shone so brief
It cleansed through my mind
But as a fire soon burns out
All the hope I had has died
I walked through the shady graves
Buried beneath the mire
Not a single soul can be saved
In weariness, I tire
Oh, how I long to live!
Yet I hope… to die.

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