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I see you in my head and eye
Your eyes are vacant
And your mouth is bright
And all you say are things I don't want to hear
So I smash my hands against my broken ears

We are the thoughts that you were warned about
We are the shadows in your basement
When you say doomsday we say everything's alright
But it's all the same

Get yourself a number
Oh we've been watching you sleep
We know your tricks
We know all your bad habits
We know your secrets
We know where your loss
We sneak into your closet and have dinner with the skeletons

All along you've been asking what's wrong with me
All along you've been asking what's wrong with me
All along you've been living your predicament
Saying you were innocent but what's that got to do with us

We are the cracks in all you dream about
We are the noises in your attic
We are the people you were warned about
We are the monsters in your closet

Now it's fine your hopes you're just like us
Yeah, you're just like us
It's fine your prayers you're broke like us
Yeah, you're broke like us

We watch you when you're asleep
We hear as you grind your teeth
We're always waiting smells but they're never what they seem
You run when you're awake but they still kill ya when you dream

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