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Lovers carve names in the sand
I wrote our ones on a rock face
Now that you're gone words they stabd
I'm climbing again chisel in hand
Pain carved my soul whith a slash
Pain carves a ditch of foundation
How many tower must crash...
... down until the ditch is deep enough
to hold up my tower, this desperate hour
the toil and the pain
the anger i stand to... must end!
Cutting off the wires is cutting my veins
I'll put out the fire with blood like rain
Wringing out my heart rather living in pain
Back from the start doing it all again...
How could you do that? We were as one,
just like a mother and son
Bonded by one cord you forced me to bite
Bonded by blood you deny
I can but love you, thanks for conception
Even if living is pain
But your love soon died in separation,
It's never to rise again...
Birth is pain, life is pain, life is death
Mother you killed me, may forget
May you be fulfilled, slow dowm the run
May we end less worse we can, death at once!

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