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From the darkness of chaos, from eyes of the void
Flame of hungry abyss
Breaks the illusions into fragments of curved mirrors
Burn lies to ashes
Great Enemy - Satan
Will kill the sun and stars
Will drown the earth of fire
Hurricane of hatred, living Darkness
Conviction and sentence
Not Alpha, but Omega
In the last dance swirl the dead stars
To Death...
And a great sign was seen in heaven:
A woman clothed with the sun,
And with the moon under her feet
And on her head a crown of twelve stars.
Find the one that gave a cry in the pains of childbirth
When purse had taken place - Devour the lamb, kill the hope,
The weak and the righteous will die, the poor in spirit - won't inherit the earth
Angels with scabbed wings are rotting on the crosses...
God is dead...

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