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The Cruel Fate is imminence of the disaster
The Grave is full of curling worms
Flying over the sea and cutting the Waves
The Ship of dead which is made of human nails
In the depth of gray fear
At the bottom is insane and pain
Nidhogg has coiled
And poisons our souls by venom
The stars had faded
In the cold thick darkness
There was the hope inearthed
And there is only imminence
The roots have dried and fruit have rotten
all will turn into ashes and return into void
So lie
Which bears blossom will wither
Will burn and will return into ashes
Will fall Colossus with legs of clay
Which is broken by the stone of truth
all will turn into ashes and return into void
Smoking torch of vain hopes
then fades, then burn
It unsights, it besots
It lures into the abyss
Light of illusions will fade in the darkness
Be-all will turn into the nightmare
Where instead of Asgard's shining
will be the dead's ship - Naglfar....

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