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The day, that winds know
The hour, that spirits roam
I will rise from the exile
Getting in the trouble word parable
Under the banners of my armys
Drown by strength of darkness
In the grey steel shrouds
I look through by the eyes of hundreds...
I will lead the legions
(and nothing will baffle)
I will burn the icons utterly
Crucify the youth on ganchs
And to burn the aged in fires
From the clouds of crimson smoke
From the stench of rotten (putrefied) flesh
I will rise the first one
I am the child of insane night
Instinct with the dark energy
I'm the father of midnight armys
I am mad man and creator
Renegate of heaven palace
I will be with every flesh
That will fall into the glorify gehenna
To my father of the dark flame
To the arrogant dragon of the grief
Let it be satisfied with victim
It will quench the thirst with scarlet blood
And when time will come
He will rise his centuries
Thousands centuries of abyss' beasts
Black abyss legions

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