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In Burning Hands of God - text

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I saw the horrid king besmear'd with blood
I saw her light grows dim in rays of his dignity
I heard the howling flame of the Topheth altars
And the bluster of the horns, heralding new victims
Through noise of drums and timbrels loud,
Through children's cries
I heard the call
Pick her up, rip her from your heart
Passing through fire to become ashes
So victim can writhe in agony
Get on your knees, raising anthems
Before the face of Eternal one - you are nothing!
Hate and destruction is food for the Gods
Wind blows the ash into oblivion
Moloch Liftoach Kliffot
Moloch Liftoach Kliffot
Put off the fear, bury grief deep inside
And return all sacred in the burning hands of God
In exchange for useless illusions which never come true
And there is no way to let it pass and the offense doesn't return

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