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You can call me what I am
You can call me anytime
The doctors brought us gifts, baby
To help with heavy minds

I met you on a Monday
Now I daydream about you all the time
If life has gotten boring
If you need a new thrill
If you think it couldn’t hurt, baby
It eventually will

You took off on a Friday
I’m back to baby blue skies every night
Well I promised not to kiss you
I made a mistake
I promised not to miss you
But what can I say?

I think you’re gonna need somebody
With time you can waste
On your weak days

I don’t mind the dreaming
Don’t miss the chills
Still don’t miss the mornings or the hospital bills
But I was thinking if you wanted
I still got some blood we could spill

I know I’ll never fix you
But I guess I don’t care
If there was a hell I think
I’d follow you there

Because I’m running through my nights without you
Running through my nights without you here

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