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Away We Go (Garage Band Demo) - text


we will sing loud
bellowing out
as we strike towards the sound
and we'll hold hands just like children
on our path through the woods

sneak soundly
there's bound to be
a witch hiding somewhere
so we'll bring matches
if she snatches
i will rescue you

we saw the path before our eyes
we were taken by surprise
when she swept down upon you and i, love
so just listen for my voice
and we'll finally rejoice
when i've found you and smite evil.

whisper my name
in the darkness
that surrounds this
cottage of black bark
and foul smells
im waiting for you

come quickly
i feel my red heart
will cease beating
your footsteps
on dry leaves
tender kiss
will save me

sing loud
bellowing out
as we crush up
through the trees
i have saved you
you have saved me
and away away we go

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