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Within the Gates - text


Enter a world - forgotten time
Born through a miracle without reason or rhyme
A fulmination - of hope and praise
The chosen one put forth - to vanquish buried flames
For those before you - far beyond the gates
Beneath the tempered soil, what lies within forsaken graves of hate

1,000 years have passed - for years they’ve been retained
The quest for inner sanctum - now has been attained
The gates of hatred - forever to contain
The throngs of perilous - buried to remain
Among the vanquished - there lies a key
For which you must retrieve - but once within - your soul belongs to fire!

Illusive concepts - attempts un-obtained
Those who before you - become the detained
Within the gates - you seek fading light
Buried in darkness - your sense filled with fright

Within the gates - you will tempt fate - you must beware!

You are the chosen one - dark ruler’s only son
The power you possess - is now the final chance

Within the gates - you will tempt fate - you must beware!

Walk towards the fading light (alone)
Wide-eyed seek the dead of night (the cold)
Why am I the chosen one? To die
Heart is pounding as I seek the fading light…

Left alone within the gates (to die)
Fore-warned, I am tempting fate (beware)
Walk onto the tainted soil - arrived
Looking at the tarnished graves of hate

With the power I possess - unveil
Crucify to those possessed - to hell
First I must obtain the key - to seek
11th casket - once inside - behold the key

Now within the open grave - of hate
Father lay with open eyes - slain
As I scream the soil shakes - awakened
Red-eyes from my father’s grave - piercing me
Piercing me…

Within the gates - do you search for the key?
Does it hold answers - to which you now seek?
Now you have trampled on our sacred ground
Their visions of glory are not to be found!
Years we’ve been buried in forsaken flames
In truth it is THEY who now bear guilt and shame
They are the evil that sent you to burn
The key holds no meaning - for this you will learn!

All of before you are one and the same
Sent on a quest by the ones who bear shame
Within the gates - now there is no escape
Beneath the soil - in flames we now pay
But you have the power - to help us escape
Bearing the marks - it is their turn to pay!
Aeons have past - we await your arrive
Setting us free will ensure their demise!

The power you possess - is in your hand
To place upon the soil - release the spell to open the gates!

Now claiming victory - they melt within the flames
Put forth the chosen one - savior of all - within the gates!

We will return…

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