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Lords of Desecration - text


Scars of significance - to those who bear witness
the symbol of salvation - for all of those to see
the chosen ones - who seek glory through pain
shall journey through - the path of never ending fear
though many - never to be seen again
the righteous few - inherit the legions fate

The lords of desecration

Demoralizing - the weak through deprivation
strength through suffering - from lords of aeons past
outcasts of society - in numbers they are growing
ilumilation - they leave their world behind
branded by steel - for the scars - they shall kneel
emanation through darkness - now see through sewn shut eyes

The lord's of desecration
a new life is revealed

Concealing evidence - for those who may return
this way of life - never to be learned
a way of judgment - for they don't understand
incomprehensible - society incapable
for those who seek the power - there is no other way
eternal glory - through powers of redemption

The lord's of desecration
a new life is revealed

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Hallowed Apparition

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