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Dark, narrow streets, I still think of it
This place has no name, no mercy
Big, peering eye, it looks down from the sky
But I am not sure, if it can see

And if you protest, they will burn you alive
Oh, how does it feel to be really free?
Well, I could be deaf, and I could be blind, too
But still I have my feelings left

I'm looking for angel
Tender & sincere
I'm looking for angel
Someone who'd save me
(I'm looking, looking, looking for angel)
In these darkest days
I'm looking for angel
I hate this nameless place

Maybe there's still some emotion
But surely there is no respect
Oh, I won't complain & I won't despair
I just don't wanna go through all that again

I'm looking for angel...

I wish I could get out of this nameless place!

Is this so hard to understand?!
Is this so hard to realize?!
I'm not listening to what they say
'Cause I don't care, I don't care no more!
They love to talk about the truth
Then they watch you & control you
Doing things that are not fair
I don't care, I don't care - no more!

'Cause I'm looking for angel...

...I wish I could get out of this nameless place

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