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Fuck or Die! - text


When A Night Starts
The Moon Is Rised
Open My Eyes
I´m All Right
Turn TV First
Box For Assholes
See Many Cunts
Still More And More

What Does It Mean?
What´s The Situation?
I Want To En Joy
But Without Passion
From Every Side
Big Tits Are Rising
Why Is This Time
So Dirty Fucking

Walk In The Streets
I Have Smile
Possessed By Desire
To Fuck Or Die
This Is Damnation
Of My Life
Not Other Selection
Fuck Or Die

Notice TV Face
Porno Star
I Must To Get Laid
Fuck Or Die
I Hate The Whores
I´m Ready Now
Have Better Score
Fuck Or Die

TV Sex Kills My Mind
Don´t Know She Is Right
It Doesn´t Matter
Let´s Go
One More Time
Fuck Or Die

Text přidal Sleeper

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