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Behind Barbed Wire
Land Of Future
Land Of Hopes
Land Of Happiness
Zour Desires
Will Be Realized You Attain
All About What You Dreamed

Everybody Has The Right To Fulfil A Command
Everybody Can Be Free But It´s Not Free Of Charge
If You Wanna Be Happy You Must Be Obedient
Mortal Accidents Are Current

Don´t Think
Keep Smiling Forever
Your Face Is Only A Mask
Shut Up
Don´t Ask´Em Why
Answering Is Dangerous For You

Ministry Of Love Of Peace Of Truth
Of Plenty You Work For Too
This Game We´Re Playing Without You
You Were And Will Be Out That´s Not News

Ministry Of Hate Of War Of Lies
Of Misery Work For And Die
We´ll Rule Forever None Shall Defy
We´ll Crush You And None Hear You Cry

Text přidal Sleeper

Testimony of Suffering

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