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I close your eyes and whisper "goodbye".
You will never see how I cry.
I can recall what you said to me once:
"If I leave there will be a sign"
And the twilight will show me tonight.
From dusk to dawn. that's when we arise.
All souls forlorn, come down from the skies.
We're called the mist by the human race.
But we do exist in a million ways.
Oh I'm in the twilight world tonight
And I obey the moon.
I'm in the twilight world tonight.
The mist will dance and the elves will sing their croon.
My eyes will not believe the sight.
They dance in trance this magic night.
The sound that did enchant my ears.
I feel my eyes release the tears.
I know the answer now. to die, I an
No longer afraid somehow. and now I know
That there is another way for me to go.
And now they show that there is life in the afterglow.
I can feel the presence of the unknown side.
The shivers infest my body. this cannot be denied.
Oh, we're in the twilight world tonight
No way! this can't be a dream!
I pinched my skin to make sure I was awake.
What I see might be too much to take.
The dance in a circle above the ground
And I can see you and it looks like you're still alive.
Somehow you seem so relieved.
A nightbird chasing the shadows fly right through your body
And then I know that you don't really exist.
You're just a reflection in this midsummer dance.
I feel my heart pounding faster ever than before,
I must have stopped breathing. the image of you fade.
And now I know why had the strong feeling that I must find
This place you once described and to see your final dance.
Will we ever meet again? no!
Oh, you're in the twilight world tonight
They fade away and so do I.
You're gone, I'll always wonder why you came
And made me realize that you exist there in the twilight sky.
Is this a dream or plain reality?
It feels more like a trip to what I never thought I'd see.
Suddenly fear took a hold on my mind.
I had to move away unless I would go blind.
Oh, you're in the twilight world tonight
I, I know the answer now.
To die I am no longer afraid somehow.
So fade away

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