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Across The Fields Of Forever - text

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It all began with the shades of what we never thought existed.
The vision of the distorted views was no longer an illusion.
It was the plain and bitter truth. My divination that I never dreamt
Was now to become. Th pseudo silence an all I have unseen.
Life is a darkened silent barricade between all I am and ever
Wanted to be.
We're soon to die...
Inherit the wisdom of the earth
Who has struck the bell?
That leads us into hell...
I explore myself with my inner eyes, the prodigal son dropped his disguise
I stalk through the fields of my forsaken memories. Fading away like
Withering travesties. My inborn lust for adventures of sharpe-less nature and
Kind. I lie here clutching at straws, the dream savant chose me blind
And then we die...
Inherit the sadness of the truth
Erupted are the seas
The epitaphs written in the breeze.
Eradicate our bounds from the earth
Internally, eternally never to emerge
Torment--Death on holy ground
Carnage--In blood we drowned...
The world cracks and we fall into decay
The waves of Styx sweeps the dying as I caress their souls.
My knowledge tickles as I cry, the sorrow spectrum grows.
I weigh my anchor and sail thru the rainbow... There's no
Future to alter
I enter the other side...
And now we're dead...
Inherit the secrets neverknown
Explore the universe
Behold the ancients' curse
The Dead shall walk the earth.

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