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A Curfew for the Damned (...Blind Belief) - text


You true beiever. Die man deciever, for
your prophecies. A fatal release. The tem-
ple of the holy. We will blaspheme. There
are no blessings, only a dream. Christia-
nity = Insanity. Just another sect. None
shall resurrect. If once you have been
'signed' to the creator of mankind. You're
far beyond control captured soul. Light
the candle. Light the lie. Yet another soul
will die. The blessing that'll never come.
Lies to us, truth to some. As I see the
candles lightning up their 'sanctuaries'.
When we die what happens only obitua-
ries?? When only remains remain, and
noone's left to blame. All words are
deiable, go and burn your bible. A cur-
few for the damned. A curfew for the
damned. (*) Realize, realize. A curfew
for the damned. Real eyes. Realize a curfew
for the damned. God is just a dream,
kneeling at the altar of lies. Illusions of
a false paradise. Deny the crucifixion of
a their 'saviour' Jesus Christ. To the force
of heaven, none was sacrificed. Their mas-
ses are all erratic ruled by a sick fanatic,
possessed by demons (?) Scch! I hear cries
of a human sacrifice, and when will it
end?? A curfew for the damned.

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