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Agony of Mankind - text

Consequences of a non existent plan
Giving life a child with no deny inside.
I myself,
staring at his hollow eyes I've seen
both the light and so dark
Within the end arised
When the sorrow from the dust survives

You can feel within disgrace
The night complete
leading all the consequences down on me
I must go find a way to hide

I cant reach the light
I cant reach the light

And I have just denied
the sweetest sacrifice
The agony of mankind
For he shall lead us all
The Darkness of a world
No one can will to survive

I, beyond this unconscious fate
I, lust for dark within my hate
I, drown in blood of enemies
I, sore conceived to be your.. death!

your will, never pacified,
being fulfilled with fears
you will never see the light again

Text přidal paja65

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