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Star-Crossed Dreamer - text


Back all those years
when all just used to be
those memories in me

palisades surrounding
deep in my torn heart
the reality it won´t ever start

when a parting kiss is all that will remain
and the feelings of remorse will retain
needs must when the devil drives

what is done is final
and cannot be undone
when all was on the verge and on the run

the path is preordained
the workers of your fate
but it´s your own world you´re free to create

and in the next world i am perfectly alright
all the novels I´m creating day and night
far beyond dark brooding clouds

take me on and on
i am just a star-crossed dreamer
a fancier is all I wanna be
when i return
i´m flying in the face of reason
now and for crying out loud
a poet I´ll be
cause the flame burns in me
and the dreamline is my mystery
forever I´ll shine
the whole world is mine
a dreamer, a fancier am I

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