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Far Out of Reach - text


It's the waterfall falling
It's the cross on the hill
It's the fork on the crossroads
It's the freedom I feel
And it's tearing my heart
If I must leave again
It's the beauty of nature unseen
It is endlessly green
I feel a little bit closer

It's the air that I'm breathing
It's the spirit of life
And the snowfields I'm crossing
It's the power alive
It's the tinge of the forest
The moss under feet
It's the rocks that I'm climbing
The pounding heartbeat
And if the sky is the limit
I would walk on and on
The power within me
The miles I have gone

Feel me
You are so far out of reach
Where my heart flies free and I feel
The power, the spirit to heal
From that day forth
I am entranced by you
You are so far, far away I feel you

I have seen their faces
I have seen in their eyes
All celestial places
Where dream and day allies
The sky clear as if it's drawn
Bespangled in the rain
The mystic haze of next dawn
The sound of birds refrain
The present of contentment
Out of plainness here
The knowledge time is just lent
A minute, hour and year
The fragile being of mankind
Immensity high-flown
Humility should fill our mind
Don't let our hearts turn to stone

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