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There's Been a Change in Me - text


When I was very young my mother often said
I was a bashful kid my face was always red
I was afraid of girls but now you see Lordy Lord there's been a change in me
Then at the age of twelve I went to my first dance
We played some kissin' games and then I got the chance
To learn about how nice a kiss could be, you know
there was a change in me
[ fiddle ]
I started noticing the little girl next door
I walked her home from school, I never did before
I even carved her name upon a tree, oh boy
there was a change in me
I took to slicking up my hair with lots of goo
And I would shine my shoes and look in mirrors too
Until my mother said why son it's doom, ain't it'
there's been a change in you
[ steel ]
As the years went by I surely got around
Why I was number one with all the girls in town
I had a different date most every night (whistle) there was a change alright
But now I've met a gal who stole my heart away
I'm gonna marry her and settle down someday
And if I'm true to her then I'll agree ha ha there's been a change in me

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