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You were the fire in my eyes but I wanted to burn you out.
With a hit and a miss you know what I'm all about.
(Woah, woah, woahhh, ohhh)
Staring you down, I see the fear in your eyes.
I ain't scared of your fists or your mother freakin' lies.
Burn it down (eyyuh)
You're not trying (I swear I'm trying)
Please stop trying my hand
(Who are you kidding?)
I know it's hard to say, but it's the truth
Cause everything you throw my way is the same
Cause all I do is waste my time with you.
When all is said and done,
Will I be the one who's left alone again? (oohhh)
Now I'm stuck here wasting, wasting away.
(I, oh, let's go!)
Everybody says you're on top of the world,
But I know the truth.
You're a sick sad son of a gun and your right hand's a one-way ticket to hell.
Ready? Go!
I was a friend of you,
You were a friend of mine.
But I battle on!
Yah, trick!

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