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I was only five years old when you crept into my head
You cast your spells and left me for dead
I was only twelve years old when you whispered in my ear
You fed me your lies and injected your fears
But now I know
Now everyone knows that I’m afraid
Scared to death about my age
About my head, about my brain
I’m trying to stay sane
I’m trying to be 21
Let it rain down on me
Just set me free
But now I’m 21 and I’ll leave you behind
No sunset in sight because I’m raging inside
so I walk where I can see
But the light has started to bleed
So you rain down on me with absolute anxiety
There can’t be this much water in the sky
And it rains down on me
How romantic does it seem
To know I’m stuck inside a dream
The fear passes through me like a flame in a sea of trees

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There Can't Be This Much Water in the Sky (EP)

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