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Mic check one, *Em-scratch*, one two
This a little somethin' you can roll some loud to
Reach into my pocket lookin' like I found you
Some kaleidoscope dope you can see the clouds through(x2)
[Verse 1]
See this some old school flow with a new sound
This that old school soul in some New Balance
The way I take and make hits ain't a new challenge
Tell Howie this America's true talent
Close your eyes, find my rhymes mesmerize
These unorthodox thoughts would have Big Brother vaporized
What I'm doin' is a mission, not a competition
Moldin' minds of the people who are tryna listen
See hold up a little
Rolled up a couple
I ain't mad at ya
I'm on another level
I'm on a level that several will call the devil's vessel
Feelin' like a rebel puttin' pedal to the metal
The way this chick takes her hit makes a dude proud
She's rippin' on this blunt man, she's got a rude mouth
She stays kushin' like she's sittin' on somebody's couch
But like some cushions man sometimes you gotta throw them out
I fuck with Bic cause it makes pens and lighters
Its kinda funny cause I use both to make fire
Ain't nobody got the hustle like I do
How 'bout that me and you, find a room and rendezvous?
I'm just posted deep, laid back, rollin' weed
Playin' that music for all ages I keep it G
Ya ain't heard of this?
Ya ain't heard of that?
Whatchu' want boy, we be out here burning grass

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