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Someday when I'm old
I'll pull up to the store
And park wherever the hell I want to
I'll buy a box of Moon Pies
And flirt with the cashier
Yeah, like I was still twenty-two
I'll bitch about eighteen dollars for a
Gallon of gas
Down at the Texaco
Someday when I'm old
Yeah, someday when I'm old
I'll keep chewing gum in my front pocket
And cold Dr. Pepper in the fridge
I'll let my daughter get mad
Say I'm ruining their supper
When I give that stuff to my grandkids
And I realize that some things,
They just don't matter
And how fast it all goes
Someday when I'm old
That clock just starts ticking
Oh, the day that you're born
And no matter how much time you get
You always want more
Someday when I'm old
I'll be the only one
Who remembers you young and beautiful
Your dark hair falling on that pillowcase
All the secrets we shared, all the
Love that we made
And I'll hold onto those precious moments
Like pieces of gold
Someday when I'm old

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