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It's All Over - text


It's All Over (text)

U know whatcha want, never gonna get it
They say they never heard, when U know that U said it
Finding a fine time to fuck up with your mind
They plant the seed to grow, then close the show
Every day U wake up, U never know where ya heading
U know U gotta survive, so somethin' needs selling
U keep yelling, but no one ever hears ya
U silence violence
Now they fear ya

It's all over
It's all over

There's people inside for things they never did
They were never free on the streets
Now they're doing a year bid
And they call that justice
Can this, must this
Carry on?
Before long
There will be a revolution
And I don't think that they want this

High, that's where some go to get away
Some people go too far, fly away
Disease killing with ease, like it's outta control
Like a pest control on fleas
Stop defending the system is ending
U got nowhere to go, played the final card
It's hard but truth is like proof
Can't be ignored
When Michael and the angels come for war


Oooww controlling the mind of man
The beast designed the plan
But can it last 4 so long so wrong?
What is going on, gotta re-arrange it
But if you don't change it
There will be a revolution
And I don't think that they want this
etc. etc.

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