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Don't You Feel So Good - text


Don't you feel so good
Like a lover should
Like I knew you would
Don't you feel so good
Like a lover should
Like I knew you would
Whenever you may call my name
I'll be there for you
No matter what the time or place
I'll be there for true

'Cause always in my heart you'll stay
Would you do the same for me?
And maybe in a future day
We can raise a family


However we can go away
To a place where no one knows
We can be alone or stray
And that's how real love shows
So whatever you may want, my dear
I will give to you
You're always in my heart and soul
In everything I do


You're my lover, lover, lover
I'll never take another
I will treat you right
Never hurt you
Never fight
So come on baby, baby
I'll treat you like a lady
You make my dreams come alive
I'm not surprised
The way you look
The way you smile
The way you love
It's wicked and wild
I'll take you on a trial
And you can be my love child
And day and night
I'm always thinking of you
There's do much love
A blessing from above


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