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Wheel of Sorrow - text



You’re falling out of control
Nothing but pain
You’re going insane

Who’s the voice? Is it illusion or reality?
Am I dead? Alive? What’s going on?

Solo: Roland

Wake up from nightmare
Scared that I’ve lost you and won’t hear your voice again
It was so real I was losing my mind
Now I kiss you
A bitter illusion

No time to borrow
Can someone erase my brain?
Like the Moon I am chasing the Sun
Lost in delusion

No, no, no
Life must be fooling me
Fooling you
Changing pleasure into pain
No, no, no
Eyes are deceiving me
Deceiving you
Nothing will remain the same

Who has taken the most beautiful flower?
For tomorrow she closed her eyes
Fall into depths of desire
Will I ever forget?
Tell me now

Solo: Mike

Still I pretend to rule my domain
A poor way to deny the reality
The longer the time, the stronger the pain

Time has turned to endless cry
We’re dust when all is over
All I really ever longed for is gone

No, no, no
My heart will never mend
Never mend
What was meant forever end

Life has stolen my beautiful flower
In my sorrow I ask you why?
Falling to drown in desire
Will I ever forget?
Tell me now

You really think there’s afterlife?
Since when two plus two equals five?
Release the pain you hide
Your only way to redemption

Where does my way lead me to
When anger’s guiding me astray?
I’m just a shade without you
Life black and white has turned to grey

All what you feel is what you know
Your’re buried under fallen snow
No time can heal your wounds
As it’s just a pure deception

Why am I locked in rage?
Why is the world my cage?
Why does everyone say
„Good bye“ and turn the page?

Your reason has gone away
You’re here to seize the day
Still there’s so much to do
Just try to find your way

Solo: Mike/MJ


Are driving me mad
Crying an ocean
I’ll never forget

Don’t take her yet
Tell me I’m dreaming
Or take me instead


Solo: Roland

Tempted by desire of joining you on the other side
I know you will wait for me
Agony won’t leave my way till I die

All you feel’s misery
Endless pain eyes can see
But realize inside your head
Life goes on though she’s dead

Although you’re here
Still alone like a tear in the Universe
Chasing the shade of my dream
I am ready to die

All know you feel misery
Endless pain eyes can see
But realize my dear old friend
Life goes on till the end

I’m nailed to a wheel of sorrow and my heart
Is falling from the sky above
In this shadowland I can’t go on
Without the one beloved

Solo: MJ

Falling like a leaf in November
Still searching for someone else to blame
Summer’s fading into December
When beauty lost the name


I’ll never forget

Solo: Mike/both

I’m nailed to a wheel of sorrow and my heart
Is falling from the sky above
In this shadowland I must go on
Without the one beloved

I’m waiting for tomorrow when my heart
Gets closer to the sky above
In this shadowland I carry on
One day to see my love

Text přidal Ratchet


Eagleheart texty

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