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Kiss me, fly me up high
Wanna feel like a frisbee high in the sky
Oh, I want you to kiss me, do it all right
'Cos, I know that you miss me

I dreamed of you
In so many lonely nights
With my body and soul

And I know you were
Out there in the city lights
Just out of control

Hey, I walked around and all I found
Was me myself just losing ground
I missed you, but I walked on thin ice
Like a clown in disguise

All the time, there was your face
You, only you can end the race
Love me, in the heat of the night
Babe, I fell like dynamite

Kiss me tonight
Till you find the secret spot
Up and down and again

Baby, lay by my side
And search for the honey pot
I know that you can

I'm doin' what you want to do
You know the stories about me are true
I'll kiss you, you know I care
Here and there and everywhere

Come closer, let me feel your tongue
It's so good, it can't go wrong
Together we'll climb the hill
Oh, what a thrill, if you will

Kiss me, baby, I want it, I want you to miss me
Baby, I need it, I need you to kiss me
Baby, I want it, I want you to miss me
Baby, I love you, I love you so much
Kiss me, smack

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