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[Verse 1]
Two tone, represent, can't do with a mic and a check
Looks like I might be back, I might be back, I might be back
No doubt with that
Came back fresh win a house from that
They paid racks for that, back to back, just another nut to crack
E-dub, they call me that, cause my first name and my surname
Nom de plumes are like plumes that smoke
In that they linger longer than the big flame
I've been known to do, I've been known to do
I've been known to do big things
Age 12 had 'Ready to Die' on repeat, no big change
I go, I go hard as fuck, good God I'm charging up
I'm up on Amazon like, "Fuck it all these targets suck"
I'm optimum with prime until he turns to garbage trucks
And dumps out, like kung-pow, no turn down, just turn up
I got a really really big heart, I got a really really big _
And when it comes to growling I don't mess around
With my bites as bad as my bark
Motherfucker I've been dope from the start
I start dope from the bin
Got a team full of FPS shooters
So who you think is gon' win?
Motherfucker I...
Follow them breadcrumbs
We leave them to teach some
Each one will speak without preaching to be one
Keep your eyes open
Approach each new season
With hope that the ghosts from our past heed our reason
[Verse 2]
Monopolize, hypothesize, I got to ride, those people died
Peace inside, no mix supplies, no need to weep, we feed the fire
Beast alive, no need to lie, just heed the fire, lead the fire
Y'all need the heat, y'all choose to weep
And y'all keep the beast in, like a pizza piea
I mean preach the pious, reach survivors
Got a four-fifths lined that'll eat papyrus
Gonna cop a chopper so big motherfuckers can't reach me with the Zika virus
And this ain't a game
Why be a God when you can be a king?
At least a king's a real thing
Bout' to take some names and then fuck the whole game up
I venture to say that my soul is intact still
That's not say that our future's not fragile
I live in this place between lithium and natural
Don't like the taste though
I won't swallow that pill
[Verse 3]
I pop pills, pills I pop, pop two pills, on stilts I walk
Fuckboys outlining chalk, can't fuck with the Incredible Hulk
The incredible G.O.A.T, no time left being indelible vote
Better make the choice and when you make the choice
You better leave us a credible hope
I got sixteens for like 4k, no divorces, no wonder age
Rippin' verses for a fickle purpose
Just get to work, do what the whores say
Top back, no horseplay, my forte, no poor taste
I stay in that one spot, keep cool in fourth place

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