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Things fade everytime you switch days
With your back against the wall: no balls, no pay
On call and you're going insane
Nothing new, repition living Groundhog Day
Like Bill Murray life is blended: McFlurry
Watch for nuts because the shock is anaphalactic
No worries
The epinephrine pen sitting by the bottle of gin
Is proof your parachute is purple, bomb the bay, sapphire skin
Your blood is blue, your heart is gold
Thoughts are new, your soul is old
Overload the toblerone
Take the throne
They know you're home
You shake the ground you walkin' on
What the fuck you think they barkin' on
Them dogs are pissed you stole they bone
The "I" in team you ball alone
Your pride has seemed to overflow
Hold the phone with dreams on hold
Live the shit that writes the poems
You go for gold but end up broke
Fuck a bronze: you're not LeBron
No gilded path to walk upon
You spill caraffs and drop the ball
You missed your match you underdog

[Hook x2] (Peter Muth)
Watch out for the stubborn little underdog
We keep it going even when they try to cut us off
Fall down, back up- brush our shoulders off
They throwin' stones but we bigger than a boulder

Six Million Dollar Man, Lee Maj, I am not him yet so just let me rephrase
Ionic bonds rolling all day, bionic 'til the tonic has my vision freeze framed
We battle through our vices, dodging bigger crises
Through vacations that show up twice every 7 days
And we some underdogs cussin' at the overlords
Wonder why they sluff us off, deductible they wrote us off
I soldier on thru no's and dongs
Avoid the streets with pipes and bombs
Fist to sky, my wrist is fly
With no Rolex I'm rich inside
Pistol whip the sun to shine
Nudge the moon: it's quitting time
Get some rest, I need my coffee
Decaf for your pregnant wife

Ephedrine in my Slurpee, I am tired of the lurking
It is time for me to pounce upon this shit and get it twerking
I wonder if they heard me, wonder-wonder if they're nervous
Wonder if they understand exactly what's about to surface
A ripple in the water and some shit's about to start up
Put a target on my back because I won't be saying pardon
I won't be saying 'scuse me, might just piss up in jacuzzis
Cuz' the underdog just found roids and he's gonna abuse em'

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