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The In Between - text


I think I'm bout to make a dance song
I been up on my introspective shit too damn long
And I just wanna' get it in, with my friends
And watch the girls ride the subs
Cuz' their boys are just treble
But the bass can make them come
And it's looking like a power hour, freestyle session
In the cipher with my sidecup
Pabs found some resin
So we bout to blow this thing up
Highness beckons
And we answer to the call, don't stall you're next So
Go twaster, go faster
Why the fuck you think I'm rockin' my astors
I'm strapped up for the movement
So when they slow down I just chuck the deuces
Get loose with the tall boy cans
No pause, I'm a tall boy man
Just cause you're the ball boy
Ain't no reason to beef with the tall boy fans
They are good people just relieving some stress
And we kicking here as equals hope your beef is in gest
Cuz' if it isn't I'm a pacifist on paper
But by nature I'm a motherfuckin' animal
Now aren't we just the greatest?

Alive til' we die-
But we're living so we grind to get high
Enjoy the in between
Cuz' time passes by
And you can't get it back
So why live a lie
Just do your thing cuz' we're

Abusing 808's till they put the hate away
I'll be sipping on my starburst until I fade away
-shit ain't funny david spade
Cuz' we're living for today
And tomorrow we'll go harder and charter a fucking plane
Till- we flier than the rest of them
Keep your fuckin' dexatrim
We get our weight up
No biggest losers cuz' we keep besting them
Cardiac arrest, half ton teen trippin'
Off of fumes from the jazzer breath
The truth is in my spittin'
Whip game is improper but the boppers still salivate
Passively undress me agressively I retaliate
Elevate the celebration
Throw it up for no occassion
Just one sip's like livin' on mars, I'm out this world
Your spaceship's late
So, pip, pip, pip, cheerio my friend
I lose myself to inkless pens
My thoughts and dreams and sovereignty
Are things that make me think again
So when you play the game, and you're trying your best
Just know we only play to win and we murdered the refs

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