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Taking My Time - text


they wanna rush in, and cause a stampede
no handles flyin' like a banshee
they use cheat codes, but we don't cheat though
no cliff notes homey we dont' need those

take the high road, I'm trying to fly though
wanna touch the sky, but still lie low
never watered down even with the hydro
vaporize the hate so I don't have to keep my eyes low
-hit oslo, get it in in Norway
cleanse palates with a callous man's sorbet
doorways open up yup more cake
soon enough the sweet turns sour more court dates
we burn it down though- and just live it up
it sucks ass when they ask about a living trust
i don't have one, cuz' i don't have shit
and when I do I'm probably gonna just stash it
it takes time for the interest to make cents
it makes sense for the linguists to invest
i've been blessed with a brain and some rhythm
those hares too square I'm the tortoise and I'll win it

no carry on's but we carry hope
no politics but- yall should prolly vote
don't involve me I live for the stereo
right side, left side, middle path ADIOS
no label when you living independent
RENT IS- too damn high for my penchant
like the lottery the way it just rubs off
opposite of Jimmy McMillan I take the gloves
and take some cheap shots, fighting for the beat box
i'm throwing down harder than the dude who beat brock
i'm more able though, but still murderous
on the beat at least I'm bleeding the encouragement
living like a rebel all intents and purposes
practically a rapper whose broke but still virtuous
at least I hope so, yall can be the judge of that
i know your on a special team so just run it back

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