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Standing Tall - text


If I got some shit you need, I'll drop it off, drop it off HEY
And if you make a drink for me, please top it off, top off HEY
Because we're all just friends in need, don't drop the ball drop the ball Hey
And when we win this game we leave and be standing tall, standing tall

Live life fearing the victors, no chance mister
Contort your tax bracket like your cash is playing twister
I don't have the cake but I'm pretty good with paperwork
Taking pot shots at the top till I make it work
It's not a class thing it's really more about steam
I'm a pressure cooker with a recipe for that dream
No schemes, no gimmicks, just real things
Topics you can bop to cuz' you're healing from the mainstream
I cut it raw like I'm only built for cuban linx
I Wu-Tang, so you know that I can pull a minx
It's not a problem joggin through the blogosphere
Thank you for the help I was sick of dodging bottom feeders

This go-getter has seen better days never let a breath escape
No vendetta but you bet I make a debtor pay
From the high road I know there are better days
Hit em' with some intellect let em see a better way
I hit the bullseye when I hear em' say shoot
Cuz' I can't stomach dummies wildin' like Clay Duke
Hey you wildin'in that school board meeting
Real effective way to get your wife back to teaching
Greet the thoughts with open arms never shun em' till they're wrong
-fuck it we're yes men, going out instead of home
Home, home, yeah... where my fuckin' heart is
Moving too fast so I'm feeling pretty heartless
Damnit I am ahead of shit never re-tarded
Speaking old english, slander be pardoned
So re-gards to my whole damn support group
We get the job even when we wear a short suit

I'm just laughing at the powers in the towers by the skyline
My heads high they can barely reach my eyeline
I'm choked up but the words still pour out
Heart of a lion but I'm staring at the floor now
We wake up to new chances
But I can't see through lense of these fucked up glasses
I head home and I wonder if they missed me
95 north and I'm feeling like Cliff lee

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