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Cause we just skipped the whole season
And shit was inconvenient
Truth is: I haven't put away my fucking heater
Break out the A/C, slater get it freezin'
Get the Freon and bring on the two pieces
Love it when the ladies sip they little margaritas
Me, I keep it simple, I'm a Natty Boh genius
Still rock my 501's even in the heat
Even though they like an oven on my mothalovin' penis
Jesus, [???] like ol' Cletus, name check the Simpsons, fact check my thesis
High five the team, I ride for Young English
Backslap fools who hate when I bring it
Bluefield, blue bell, need y'all to sing it
The way I fish for fans is just egregious
He just aced his test like he cheated
Don't fight the urge, you know you can't beat it

Fuck a trend, we set the standards
Raise up the bar we're not limbo dancers
You've got the question, we've got the answer
We keep it simple, you are much fancier

We just made a new lane, now it's time to go pave it
Pavlov's dog, you can check out my behaviour
Aiming for the stars and you know that we are racing
Indiana Pacers spaceship no chasing
On some next shit but check those basics
Break the foundation, round the bases
Never gonna' settle, we won't be complacent
Always upgrade, Beyonce and Jay shit
If you're Howard Stern, then I'm Kojo Nnamdi
No Foursquare, y'all can't find me
An NPR addict, dodging that static
Not the coolest thing in town but you know you gotta' have it
Grab it, like Diane Rehm's vocal chords
Workin' hard even though she's sore
Cut through the bullshit and keep doin' your thing
Tom Hanks, Liz Perkins, you're doing it big

April 9th
Freestyle Friday number 10
The 10th on the 9th

Black Paisley
Young English
Go ahead mothafucka
Just sing it

Text přidal soulmateAndy

Video přidal soulmateAndy

Freestyle Friday

E-dubble texty

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