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Safe Travels - text


[Verse 1]
They never made it easy
Two tones, never home, always leaving
I rebel against shit that don't make sense
Like the times when I couldn't even make rent
Like that time when they took me for an asshole
"Oh, he's sad, just stuff him with some Paxil
Be glad, you're lucky you're a natural
Here's a couple pills for the road, safe travels"
I don't want your pills doc
Make the pills stop, think they made my skills drop
I was ill doc, now I'm too chill doc
Even when I'm way low, you know imma still drop
Still pop on the mic, call it "Reset"
I was down and out, fuck it I was depressed
I needed -, I was sleepless
Counting sheep, cause my dreams got repressed
What happened to my friends though
My girl left me, now we in the friend zone
Fuck a friend though, don't need a friendo
Thought you had my back, but you folded like a tent pole
Aye, don't play me like Nintendo
Your last chance, put the truth up in the tempo
Lets go, we've been kicking it like Kenpō
I don't dance, even when I'm in the end zone

I'm in the moment, I know I'm from the future though
Two tone rebel, catch me on the dark side
'Til I make them mother fuckers bounce
Keep a level head never tripping over fault lines
Two tone rebel, grays don't fade
They drone on, they drone on
Big brother in the sky trying to watch us get way high

[Verse 2]
Imma make it right, imma get it right
If I die tonight, know I went out with a mother fucking fight
Imma chase the win, if I lose it all
Imma hella star, fuck the devil, I'm a rebel with a cause
I don't need to ball, I just need to play
Just need a way, just need to say fuck the other lane
I'm in outer space, meaning that I'm safe, meaning I can play, play!
I can do it all, I can be the one
I can be the son to a father, or the father to a son
Not yet too young, see me when I'm older
Never preaching to the choir 'bout the fire that emboldens
They be talking the Y.O.L.O., I be sipping that solo
And spitting the shit that's hitting the speakers for my soldiers?
And for my soldiers, meet me and then you know me
See me and you've consoled me
Salute me and you're my homie


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