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Roller Coaster - text


Misteps, and mistakes - they're been a few
Regrets and retakes are kin to you
Try'na dodge the thoughts that feel miniscule
Even if it leaves you open to the ridicule
Pitbulls who ain't been fed Beneful
Embrace the hate that they are fittin' to spew
You love the fact that they are bitter too
Ain't so different in the end. Who's the bigger fool?
Assholes, the artwork is magic
Pastels can smudge, and that's tragic
You grind; your life is not lavish
The real ones don't care about cabbage
And you know this, and you noticed
Your will has gotten strong like a mother-fuckin' soldiers
So you hold your breath while they boast
Cause you know your doing better living on a roller coaster

Keep riding, cause we rolling
I been playing my cards. I'm never folding
Fuck yeah we young, and we OHHIN'
We'll take a rest when our days are olden
The birds chirpin'
The sunshine's out
Outta breath, but we never take a time out
We never coastin'
We'd throw a toast
But we never slowin' down living on a roller coaster

Like a miner but I'm not a Chilean
I'm outta control- you know what I'm saying?
My escape capsule's here;
I'm be back in a few
No library card, cause I'm never past due
On time with it, cause you vibe with it
I got a jazzer with a mother-fuckin' lime in it
And it tastes good, and I'mma make good
On my little mother-fuckin' promise. Time to just bomb shit!

We young and we live quite hard
We love to attend dive bars
We dumb, but we still quite smart
We the future, like it or not
Beautiful even though we scarred
Protest even with no march
Give credit even with no charge
We can hit a homer even with no Marge

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