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Plot Twist - text


16 spitter go hard, repitition
See me with a wookie then I’m on another mission
Two Tone Rebel and my bezel doesn’t glisten
I don’t need it to, if lightning strikes I’m who the fuck it’s hittin’
Strange way to look at it but shit I ‘m not a chicken
Cuz’ if it strikes twice I’ll prolly be in the pictures
Shit I never wanted, but my world is looking different
So I’m on another plane and I’m dodging different pigeons
Dumbed down, numbness the music’s on cepachol
I can’t really feel shit, I might just be better off
Two tone board, checkmate like Federov
Game theory, leery, no fun, no tether ball
Throw another tennis ball, Wilfred with the brimstone
Power of the confluence, china with the syndrome
….let’s meltdown powers who cower to keep the rent low
…………..then two step on the headstone

Two Tone Rebel. One hand high
One j. raised like two ???
Waiting for those blue-er skies;
Up in the clouds 'till they arrive

I'm with that Two Tone Rebel set, yeah you’ve seen me hella bent
Speaking to the people on the virtues of the eloquence
They can talk in telephones but I be talking tell a friend
Leaning to the side set the phaser to irrelevant
Set it to extinguish, set it to extort them
Set it to excel at everything and make a fortune
Set out to tell the whole world how we came to drop bombs
Lyrical nalpalm, I ain’t fuckin’ around
It’s grayscales
Two Tone Rebel and I be hella bent
Sippin’ on that hard and I’m ohhin’ for the thrill of it
Michael jack jack on that who goin’ celebate
Not me I hella fuck, just for the hell of it
I get enough of it, I get enough of this
E-dub do so and so, so I just keep goin’ in
I just let em’ wonder when that boy gon’ stop
But it ain’t gon’ happen’ no it ain’t gon’ happen

[Verse 3]
We can talk in different code words
They don’t need to understand
One thing that they need to know is
That they need to over-plan
They’ve been walking backwards
We’ve been picking slack up
Fillin’ up the back of the Black Pais' trash truck
…gettin’ rid of bullshit
Throwin’ out the sink too
Waitin’ to remodel like a model with no IQ
But it ain’t a problem
They been mobbin’ all these motherfuckin’ pockets
I’m just waiting til’ they drop it, when they do I’m gonna cop it
One time for the nose to the grindstone
Two times for my people getting mind blown
We looking forward while we try to carve a future
But the past is catching up tryna open up the sutures —
…so we keep ourselves grounded
Stunt when we’re retired give ourselves pounds shit
…And we’re just trying to write a plot twist
….something positive nothing obnoxious

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