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Party with Wookies - text


I never test that water; just jump in
Imbibe till my lines get sunken
I carbo-load for the fight ahead
Fuck bread my noodles stay drunken
So with loose lips I'm tryna mange.
They tryna wire jaws shut like Kanye,
- but they hear my voice when I shock the cons
Old artists regifted through Target
Just products on the shelf getting branded up
Heart and soul just left when the canned it up
Standing up for motherfuckers mannin' up
Go and tell it how it is - bandaged up
Cause we hurtin' -- but we got new soul
We certain -- that we can do both
- cause we laugh and cry and everything between
- and my emotions cut but I can stop the bleeding
You think too much - Socrates
We drink to numb. Another double vodka, please
Sip that till I'm on my steez
Now my nerves are calmed, and you can see my sleeves
My heart's back where it should be
- cause we never gonna stop. Why would we?
We came too far to park the car. So keep going
Ain't stopping 'til we kick it with some wookies

I am on my second cup, so my second verse is fucked
Hope you don't mind that I slowed it down. My second cup is nuts
I'm not on that 8 ounce shit. I cop my shit in towson
College kids can get it in. I drink it by the gallon
8 pounds of the liquid cynacism
- with my rose colored goggles, playing boggle with some women
What a difference from the first verse. Honesty's amazing
- cause they're both true blue, but bi-polar makes it crazy
So I'm on it till the days end
Tommorrow I'm a changed man
Regrets unfold. I see my face
I need some fucking Ray-Bans
- or Blu-Blocs in my case cause I need green
An urban cowboy but you know fuckin' I bleed green

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