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No time when you need it most
When you should of gone hard
But you chose to coast
You made your bed and now
You've shit it too
With the wrinkles in your forehead
Looking even more dead
Mirrors no friend so you just ignore it
Full steps; No halves
You've got something to prove
Something to use
And you know your...

Neyah, Neyah
Envy all the knee high
Children with the chance
Not to chase those me-guys
Look at the clock
And stop chasing the crumbs
Pull the stop out, hop out
And embrace what's done
You want a second chance?
Mother-fuck a second chance
Be a damn veteran
Build a fucking batter ram
Get in on the ground floor
Be the effin' ground for -
Lay them bricks
Until you're rich
And the towns you was down [.Down] pour
On your glass ceiling
While your pensions getting cut
Working for the same company since 19-90-what?
The fuck is that?
You had your dreams
Trade 'em in for stability
And some time on the green
And you don't even like golf
But you know your boss does
Suck his dick, and help him pick
The fucking right golf club
Fuck conventional
And fuck Mensa too
Be a genius without leaning on a high IQ

Analog to the digital
Tryina get rid of you
Keep tick-tockin'
Evil clock in the living room
In the living room
In the living room
In the living room

12 pack turns to 6
Then 6 turns to none
You think you got time
So you roll another blunt
Roll another...
Roll another...

Snooze button on your passion
What happens next is tragic
Scared to take the plunge
So you sponge bath placid
Embarrassed by a dream
You're not sure you can fulfil
So you down play and front
Like it's no big deal
But it is, and you know it
Biggest fear is that you'll blow it
You know just where the line is
But you're too afraid to tow it
Now you're going in the wrong direction
No time to correct it
You wake up on the other side of a good intention
Wrong side of the spectrum
No art, just method
Shit products getting pushed
And the fans left guessing
Rest upon your laurels cause this shit's too easy
Selling dope to dumb fiends
Who wouldn't know a good CD
If it bit 'em in the ass
Have a little class
Respect your general public
Don't... ????
Make some shit that sparks debate
We don't need another take
On how nice it is to be rich
Fuck your Escalade

When the clock's tickin'
Yeah, the plot thickens
Take account of what you did
No not quicken
Put a sock in it
If you not spitting
Pendulum is like a guillotine -
Chopping shit
I might of lied when I said
We're alive 'till we die
Life's too short, not long
Gotta get by
But we gotta get high
Happy medium
I'm reading right in between the lines

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