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Spill a little paint on the backdrop
Nowadays the words feel like chalk on the blacktop
Cuz' when it rains they gone it's invisible ink
No sharpie or indellible stink
Avoid the middleman by not using pens and paper
Verbal contracts only mask the fear and hatred
Operate the way that makes you feel the safest
Plagiarized status quo, you just cut and paste it
Uh I say fuck the waitlist
If you don't want me now you must be fuckin' wasted
Success is a flavor I have not yet tasted
But its been a fuckin' ride and there is no debatin'
No sidelines for us, my lungs will bust
Before I put myself on the bench or pack it up
Pull yourself out of bed and try standing up
You got a lot of work to do I hope you packed a lunch

Still in bed even though its light
Cuz' i can't fight these dreams
I'm in some picture that don't look right
But its still nice to be seen
I pick my head off the pillow
I see my shoes on that floor
I can't find any good reason
But I'll still walk out that door

Never been the type to deal in any absolutes
Shades of gray so subtle and they absent truth
Relatively we're irrelevant but ask they youth
And the cynacism's gone like POOF- VAMOOSE
It seems so hard so why try
The bed's so easy when sleep's your high
The blinds collapse and then you close your eyes
And when your in your dream there's no thorn in your side
Fuck that bullshit bring the troops in
No propriety left quit salutin'
Grab the guns line em' up and start shootin'
And when the walls come down start lootin'
Break that
GLASS till the windows smash, inhibitions pass
It's a metaphor don't be an ass
Top, top, top of the class
We don't do it for cash
Runnin' on e, but mashing the gas
16 spitter no quitter not even
I will literally only stop if not breathing
Tryna wash your sins I'm a motherfuckin' heathen
I don't hate religion just what comes of extrem-ism
All of that bleedin' and I don't see the reason
Can't even tell which side is act-u-ally talkin' treason
Dreamin' of some day when we're even
You must be drunk off col- bear like your Stephen
Jesus, please pack up and start leavin'
I'm riding with my family I don't need no other demons
Seamless opposite of what my jeans is
I'm driving under influence but I'm not weaving

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