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Real life in every sentence, lyrics so pensive
I wanna weave a narrative instead I'll just pen this
Tryna figure out exactly how to find a balance
Is a challenge so I'm clinging to this makeshit balast
The callouses under knuckles, the feathers keep gettin' ruffled
The wrinkles upon the forehead are proof of everyday struggle
Everybody has got em' not saying that I am special
But i won't bow down when this frown is my expression
Bucklin' under pressure is somethin' i can't attest to
I'm workin with what I got, they want answers from little test tubes
Hollerin' at depression, bi-polar is what my flow is
If you listen to my music then homey you might know this

Tryin' to make dope shit when you feelin' hopeless (double when)
Is kinda like- NOT- letting go of that rope swing
It's gonna end poorly, corny, and ornery
You try to fight the feeling that's revealed inside your voice
But emotions cause a stutter throat's tighter than a rubber
You wanna do something different you sensitive little fucker
Looking for brain candy, gleemonex would be handy
But the kids ain't in the hall, there in the stall drinkin' brandy
And you didn't catch an invite, overdeveloped insight
You overthink the overtones and wish that you were in tight
But you ain't, and you can't manufacture their acceptence
So FUCK IT you little weirdo- GO AHEAD AND BE YOURSELF

When you put some truth in your lyrics some call that gay
Ignorant motherfuckers I call that pain
Yapping off at the mouth about some feminine traits
You the jealous one fella can't be who you ain't
And don't stick me in a genre
Hip hop is good and that's the mothafuckin mantra
Feelin like a kid I'm with my cousin playing contra
And he knew how to get the extra guns so it was bonkers
Shit man it was bonkers

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