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Make Like A Tree - text


Verse 1 (iSH):
Everytime I drop something I know that they love it
I get a high from the music ain't
Nothing above it
You hear my songs everywhere
You can't escape them
Cuz my exposures indecent
Like I'm fuckin in public
If I can say for myself I'm awesome
Trying to get that money on the daily Carson
I be setting tracks on fire
So it's just a matter of time
Till I'm arrested for arson
Never half hearted
The boys committed
So hatas I forget about em
Like a parking ticket
This us blue collar rap
Nothing bout poppin tags
Yet I'm still getting
These fly women to
Holla back
Its like I got the game fixed
I can't lose
Keeping hatas on they toes like ballerina shoes
Yea the name is Ish
I'm that dude
I'm cooler then Eskimo boobs

We keep our eyes on the goalpost
No sleep so we stockin' up on no doz
No rest for the weary till' we old folks
Memories fade but they stay takin' photos
And when we get the time we gon' peep them
But till then you know we keep reachin'
Hard work is all we keep preachin'
Lead by example no we're not leaving

Here's a toast to the good life a toast to the good guys
Ain't going nowhere put away them good byes
I'm only seeing like buttons and support now
Never quitting never kicking when its fucking fourth down
I'm on it... feels pretty good don't it?
Seems like my grammar would be a product of Potomac
But when I get it in I keep my license on poetic
And I fuck that english language cuz' it needs to get bedded
-you know that she can get it
And even when I kick it loquacious
She always breaks me off with the standing ovations
Amazing but her love is always audacious
I can't be everywhere at once no time wasted
Leaving backs sore so they cop the capsazin
Killing every fuckin' foursquare location
410 to 215, 215 to 416
If you needed heaters than you probably needed me and iSH

And I've been on for a minute, the music is my spinach
Wanna eat it with my people you're the reason why I did it
So thank you for the listens, epecially in the beginning
You let me be myself, that's the reason we will get it
Cuz' we're in for the honesty shittin' on the probably
Definitely killin' it and we ain't gonna cop a plea
Pop a fucking bottle of the vodka if you chopping beats
Fuck a copyright you have clearance to fucking drop the heat
FF is a wrap now, but I ain't gonna back down
Stronger than I've ever been because you got my back now
Put em' on your iPod... label it the cap n' gown
We graduated cum laude dadi and we ain't playing round'
So it's on to the my masters they might want my masters
So if I start selling shit please don't call me bastard
I gotta keep the lights on, if I'm gonna black out
I don't see a finish line I barely got my map out

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