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Last Man Standing - text


Target cart is hard to push beaming
Racks on racks on racks you can't see me
Hustle for the credit, my debit is un-seemingly
I'm sippin' on that hard til' my devil is a genie
Cuz' off ten grand, I tripped, got greedy
2 step rep, black tee, why me? trees
Blowing out the maxima I can't see
Rap lyrics, my spirit is ungrounded
Black Paisley is us cuz' we found it
Keep hands off, or boss you'll get grounded
I play nice til' I get pushed
Then it's off to the motherfucking races
More black friends than white, more gay than straight
So who's shaking?
Shook ones rolled on- we roll deep the twenty twelve death-row-records, with more conscience
2 tone rebel, grayscale maims so I'm off my color wheel shit, and insane
Or so says the doctor, but fuck that asshole
I'm off PAXIL I cracked my shackles
So I'm back in this motherfucking bitch
Dick feeling 10 times longer than it prolly ever is
I'm not one for bragging brashly
But on the humble I banged 2 girls named Ashley
Pitch me down 'til I put em' on their ass-cheeks
Incendiary commentary, I'm a gas leak
"E-dub how you livin'?" what they ask me
"Pretty good, baby girl. What's yo' ass need?"
I'm on top of every hill even when I'm falling down
Flushing every pill cuz' the nature is my sound
Smoking megan's goods cuz' it helps to slow me down
When my mind is racing, I lean on myself and family
Throwing elbows, rights and left
Spencer Hawes in the paint I pick up what's left
While I stunt in my Grammy pose, my two tone polo knit sweater- straight from the Goodwill
I'm cold blooded, used to be nice but that's done with
Depression made me hard, gleemon- NEX'D ugly
Shouts to the gamers, euro-teenagers
I get love from the truth and whose shameless
Waiting for a bad review, keep waitin'
I'm too live for that shit, and impatient
Check up on some hipster girls who might blog in Fishtown
I'm still not sure who..............
It's no problem, I use bloggin' - in a metaphorical way cause I'm boggled
By the type of, stupid shit that we love
And how I'm guilty Simpson of that new dub
So we keep changing, huh, rearranging, huh
'Til we beaten down so hard we're just aimless
Numb from the pain so forget about beef
Black Paisley 2012, World Metta Peace
Two tone rebel, grays don't fades
I know I'm from the future and the future looks great
I wear my P cap, I'm never gonna trade
I love Charm City getting busy on a train
Chains and Tux, I love the uh
Out in public, out in London where the love is lust
Two-toned to the death of me, fucking with some destiny
And I ain't talking children and strippers and killing apathy
Not the rapper, the adjective actually
The action or lack thereo

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E-dubble texty

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