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Grab the keys and the wallet
Iphone out the pocket- tell the cabbie
No cash you try to hustle this wallace
Just an average thursday and I'm looking for some knowledge
And she said she go to mica so I know she probably got it
And I'm bothered by the fact that my song was not playing
On the jukebox at the bar before we left
Cuz' the preppies woulda hate it
And the hipsters would debate
Either way its entertainment and I
Love that shit
I grab a pen for the next verse next work, best work
Look at my network, that's my net worth
Fuck a couple dollars, my people is why I'm in it
We get it and then spend it, I'm bleeding for young english
Face is up in the paper, sippin' upon the makers
I'm going to hit my mark, kick off like dave akers
I know

Shades of gray while we figure how to pave the way
Gotta make our own miracle to save the day
We don't PRAY- no GOD- so it can be hard
Pokerface to the sky I'm dealin' my own cards
Go to war with myself- everytime that I write cuz i might
Say too much see it's a constant fight
The subconscious opens up and my notes are all fucked
Walkin on a tight rope and suddenly it gets cut

Text přidal soulmateAndy

Freestyle Friday

E-dubble texty

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