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Honors Bio - text


I found some good in something I thought only could be bad
I took a chance, and figured out some things I shouldn't have
I'm glad I waited on it
I'm glad the feeling faded
I'm glad I saw myself experience what's real and fake
I always took the time, but never cared enough
I never pulled alarms; was never scared enough
I'm still a cynic but I finally see some sunny days
And I'mma use 'em 'til my life is feeling Major League

BANG - they're shootin' down my dreams
Been grippin' on this cup so much you'd think I'm sippin that lean
But no. Even though I was trippin' scrapin' up knees -
- I got right back on that mic, and let that pain do all that it needs
Cause I needed that, yellow light, red light. Fuck yieldin'.
Walkin' home with that wasted gift. Slow homeruns - Cecil Fielder
I made it home with that latch key. Dead bolts can't match me
I'm Usain with that who's sane. Like nascar my tracks meet
I'm Pro-tools on this cat walk. They're broken ankles, and back talk
Fuck that! I'm Thaddeus. Stay young on the boards, and the asphalt
I make it thunder, and bring the heat
Don't make it rain, but I make 'em leak
You catch my drift as they wet their beak
And those birds are blessed with that
Need to freak - and I hope it's me
So I puff my chest like an alpha male - in a beta test
I'm a peacock. I make that beat rock
They reminisce, and they see how smooth like Pete Rock

We lose our minds for a minute, get 'em back, then repeat
Fightin' off emotions cause we think they make us weak
Chemically imbalanced ain't a challenge; it's a treat
So I'm mixing up the medicine, and chopping fucking beats
I've been baling up the HEYYYY. Now I'm looking for a HOE
Not derogatory got some garden seeds I got to sow
...Green thumbs so I'm rolling with some PETA chicks
Soybean dreams - get the vegans some more Pita chips

I'm with that two tone rep. Off that tight two step
I don't give a fuck. The diagnoses process needs breadth
Myopic with your approach. Bionic is how I broach -
- every subject that needs touching. We're fucking the overcoats
I am Maniac Magee. Deep breaths is all need to get me back to square one
Take one. Share three. Who cares? Live life, breath death, [and] share tunes
Cause the same short sighted ones are 'bout to care soon
They can pull upon our strings, like a loom built for chaos
But this cult is not a classic, and they asking for a seance
We are soft. We are hard. We are bound to the stars
I look up in the sky, and I see a sea of different gods
Choose one, choose none, choose several different levels
I am off my rocker knocking for blockers to stop Geppetto
Dependent upon your station, nations may treat you gracious
I'm deckard, but I'm infected. For Rachael I'll be a patient

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