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Hip Hop is Good - text


Rip off the plastic, unpackage the madness
Try to figure out what happened with rappin'
People clap gats over words and beats
Rap music isn't art anymore its just beef
I'mma go vegetarian, keep my nose clean
Get our protein from powder, feed my whole team
Let the beef settle in and when atrition gets reached
I'll swing for the fences, steal the damn ring
Like a veteran, hoppin' on the pedestal
I am so ready to, do what melle mel would do
Be the opposite of a flash
I'm not running the dash
Motherfucker this is marathon and I'm gonna last
Call me Pheidippidies, I am so sick of these
No spittin' pre-written freestyle emcees
See- if you ever catch me on the street
And you wanna battle battle this is what I'm gonna teach
Speech is my shit, ..and beats are my bitch
Fisher price with the mic I was beating my fist
So check on my dues and see if their paid
Chris wallace with the knowledge hip-hops my forte
And you have just entered a session of tension
Hip-hop is my therapy, it's a blessing's how I keep my screw tight
And you better pray to something that I keep that shit screwed right

Hip-hop is good, i'll 2Pac your hood
Please thank the people who invented the mic (staggered)
16 spitter, no quitter I go hard
Power from my people we're lethal, trust no god

Bail out for nobody, my water is so muddy
The faces they make the flow is so ugly
How's he gonna two face us, act one way in the workplace
Then reverse the tape
Instrumental to my bee eye, you look knee high to my persona homey
You don't know shit about me, keep them ears puckered
Till your cochlear's pokin' ya out them chuckers
Cuz' I'm off it, toss shit, off my back
If I need it, pack it in my napsack
Throw a label call it backpack rap
Rip it off me, awfully fast then smack
Consciencious- no just densely packed
With a sentence I invent new rap
Call it new new, doo doo
Call it fuckin' poo poo
Just know I got a symphony just like the effing juice crew
And I killed the conductor and stole that wand
But I don't need a dumbass wand!
All I need is this voicebox and these beats
To keep the sanity while we crumble beneath
The edges hold tight to the thread that bred you
Cuz' in the end you don't know just where you head to
All I know is I keep asking my friends
To bury this g with some beats and some headphones

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Hip-hop is good

E-dubble texty

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